mY L0vErS..

Wednesday, May 18

is dat wrong?

i dnt knw diz feeling...
when i juz waiting...
waiting to get home.. into my room..
close the door..fall into bed..
n juz let everything out..
dat i kept in all day..
dat feeling..
of both relief n desperation
nothing is wrong..
but nothing is right either..
n i'm so tired.
tired of everything..
tired of nothing..
n i juz want sumone
to be there n tell dat sokay..
but no one's going to be there
n i knw i hv to be strong
for myself ..
coz no one can fix me
but i'm tired of waiting
tired of having to b the one to fix myself..
n everyone else
tired of being strong
n for once i juz want it to be easy
to be be be saved
but i knw i wont be
but i'm still hoping
and i'm still wishing
and i'm still staying strong n fighting
with tears in my eyes

Friday, May 6

so...what's next????

tup tup da hari jumaat.
skjp je ms blalu kn?
pjam celik pejam celik
ak pn da nk hbs blja
mcm x caya ja 3 thn kt cni

nw in final exmntion mud
2 more paper to go
*chaiyokk pinkish**
so far so gud
evn ada sdkt k-less wktu mjwb
hopeflly evrythg will fine
klu ley xmo tsangkut apa2
ckupla 3thn da hbskn
usia remaja kt cni

nk wt job hunter lak psni
da lm x rs pgg duet snirik
its toooo long!!
time tu bebas nk wt apa yg ska
xda sapa yg nk halang
hope ada rzki kt luar sna

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