mY L0vErS..

Thursday, August 12

cHenTa hAti

Your presence in my life,
Is the greatest present I ever had,
You are just like a bestfriend,
You know me very well,
You cry with me,
You stand behind me,
You walk together with me,
No matter how wrong i am,
You always said that i am right,
Your advices always stick in my mind,
Convincing me,
No matter what happen,
I must do what I want,
I must be what I am,
Eventhough you are not doing it,
Eventhough you are sacrificing,
But to you,
Its okey
How great are you,
I adore you so much,
You always cheerful,
Being loved by everyone,
No doubt.
May Allah bless you,
May Allah always give the strength to you,
Never give up!!
my C.H.E.N.T.A H.A.T.I

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