mY L0vErS..

Friday, October 7

oh mr heart...

dear mr.heart...

could you please be nice to your owner,
could u please make your owner happy,
wipe all the sorrow,
and make it shine,
as bright as the star.


please remind your owner,
that every single thing happen,
surely there are good reason behind it.


please remind your owner,
do appreciate people around,
make them happy,
someday you will be more happy.

everything have it own reason why it happen.
either your like it or not,
and sometimes,
tears only can cure,

if you don’t know how to arrange it to words.


mr.heart and miss.tears are really close together,
when mr.heart feel so empty, miss.tears will be with mr.heart.

mr.heart, cure fast.
find your,
make this world more happy.

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