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Monday, November 15


Hurm lately, I feel a lil bit down. Dnt know why. Maybe I had so much fun before this and now I have to face all the bad things that will come up. I feel something weird within myself. Its like I got so easily dispirited, sensitive and emotional. Seriously, I had cried 2-3 times recently bahaha xD yeah tam0 bg taw kenapa I won't tell anyone, maluuuuuuu~ :') HAHAHAHA. But my BFF dah tahu haha so wtv hahaha.

Naaa pasal study, I'm so envy wif sum of my fwens in UTEM yang dah nk habis paper. eeee I’m here never starts any yet and got 7 papers to answer, Sumtimes not in da mud to do da revision... Its all because of my fever, headache, mual mual lah bagai. Urrghh but nvm, Alhamdulillah at least I’m still alive and still can updating this blog. komapsumnida :)

Hm anyway, sometimes I feel happy and relaxed. sometimes I feel stressed out and wanna kick people's butt. sometimes I feel so sad and blank. sometimes I LMAO. And haha I have come back to my old old old routine which is colouring all over my face with makeup when I've got nothing to do..It's freaking fun u know. Nowadays. I watch makeup videos every single night heheh. Da buang tebiat!! going back to Penang tomorrow..hope evrythg will be ok… I'm off to bed. Oyasuminasai….~

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