mY L0vErS..

Saturday, October 16

Open Your Eyes..~

Look around yourselves

Can’t you see this wonder

Spreaded in front of you

The clouds floating by

The skies are clear and blue

Planets in the orbits

The moon and the sun

Such perfect harmony

Let’s start question in ourselves

Isn’t this proof enough for us

Or are we so blind

To push it all aside..


We just have to

Open our eyes, our hearts, and minds

If we just look bright to see the signs

We can’t keep hiding from the truth

Let it take us by surprise

Take us in the best way


Guide us every single day..


Keep us close to You

Until the end of time..

Look inside yourselves

Such a perfect order

Hiding in yourselves

Running in your veins

What about anger love and pain

And all the things you’re feeling

Can you touch them with your hand?

So are they really there?

When a baby’s born

So helpless and weak

And you’re watching him growing..

So why deny

Whats in front of your eyes

The biggest miracle of life..


You created everything

We belong to You

Ya Robb we raise our hands

Forever we thank You..


notahati:: such a beautiful song :)

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